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Welcome to Day 4 of the Daily Spark. This will be a daily journal, so to speak, from the world of SparkHub. We will bring to you in-house and guest blogs that cover a wide range of topics, tips, tricks, daily experiences or just a thought-provoking idea to help #IgniteYourSpark.

Today’s Spark is brought to you by SparkHub founder and chief igniter, Sara.


Happy Chinese New Year. Welcome to the year of the Fire Rooster – how invigorating does that sound? To paraphrase from a gorgeous New Year blog written by my friend and Feng Shui consultant, Patricia Lohan, I think most of us our ready to say goodbye to the year of the Monkey – full of playful surprises that tend to blindside – and step into our power in 2017.


Traditionally, the characteristics of the Fire Rooster are leadership, flamboyance, owning power & decision-making, confidence and passion. There is a huge shift away from being caught off guard to stepping into your purpose and being quick-thinking.

We’ve spent the Chinese New Year so far indulging in a sumptuous feast in Dublin and shifting up all our Feng Shui remedies in the house. Before last year I would have to admit to being a bit of a Feng Shui sceptic. But I gave it a go with a consultation with Patricia (which I would HIGHLY recommend by the way) and whether it was the Qi flowing better through my house or just a realignment of space and how I moved through it, the energies absolutely shifted for the better. There is a misconception that you have to totally rejig your house and upend your furniture to achieve “Feng Shui”. Far from it. More often than not it’s about adding simple remedies like moving water or a fire (the colour red) and most importantly keeping everything clear, clean and tidy. Sort of a no-brainer to achieving lighter energy in your home environment. Give it a go!

China has huge significance to me. It is where I met my now husband when we were both on volunteer programmes in Xi’an City. My daughter, Emily, is named after one of the babies I cared for who took a real shine to me (we would have taken her home had it been an easier process!). I love this time of year, the move from Winter to Spring and the expanding of light. Now it has even more meaning to me as we move from one Chinese New Year to the next.

Have a fiery year folks!

Sara x